Tifin Cream

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  • Composition: Terbinafine 1%
  • Treats skin infections such as: Onychomycosis, athletes foot, ringworm infections, jock itch
  • Prevents and kills fungal growth
  • Relives skin from minor conditions caused by fungal infection
  • Dermatologically tested
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Tifin Cream- formulated with Terbinafine 1% is used effectively to treat many skin and nail infections. The medicated formula of Terbinafine actively works to kill infection-causing fungus on the skin. Tifin cream treats infections such as: Onychomycosis(a fungal infection on the nails), athletes’ foot, ringworm infections, jock itch. It works by controlling and killing the growth of infection-causing fungus on the skin. It eases the skin from irritation, itchiness, soreness, and redness caused by fungus. Tifin cream has been clinically proven safe for medicated use; however, it needs to be used as prescribed. For fungus attacks on the nails, it prevents discolored and uneven thickening of nails.

Terbinafine 1%: For treating fungal infections on the skin such as: ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and on nails, Terbinafine Hydrochloride works effectively for easing skin with fungal infections. It relieves the skin from itchiness and irritation. It destroys and prevents infection, causing fungus in the skin.


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