Specderm Hair – Serum

About this item

  • Compositions: Redensyl and Resisthyal
  • Hair growth serum
  • Curbs hair loss problems
  • Improves scalp hydration
  • Nourishes hair follicles
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Specderm Hair Serum is a formulation consisting of Redensyl-a breakthrough for hair growth and Resisthyal for naturally promoting hair growth. It helps revitalize dull hair, controls hair fall, volumizes thin hair, improves hair density, and strengthens hair follicles. Specderm Hair Serum nourishes the scalp and keeps it hydrated for healthy hair production. It is dermatologically tested for effective hair production results. Specderm Hair Solution contains inclusion of two fantastic ingredients, which make hair shinier and smoother.

Redensyl: It is an active ingredient with advanced properties to promote hair growth and control hair loss. Redensyl performs dynamically by stimulating stem cells and providing apt nourishment to the hair follicles: thus initiating healthy hair growth.

Resisthyal: Resisthyal is an effective ingredient and brings up 7 benefits for your hair, namely- anti-frizz, anti-pollution, resistance, suppleness, hydration, voluminization, and shininess.


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