Pigmegain Lotion

About this item

  • Composition: Deca Peptide and Excipients
  • For treating Hyperpigmentation and Vitiligo
  • Help reinstate pigmented cells
  • Restores skin’s complexion
  • Dermatologically Tested



Pigmegain Lotion comprises Deca Peptide and Excipients (Isopropyl Alcohol+Myristate+Glycol) to treat Pigmentation and Vitiligo on the skin effectively. Vitiligo or white patches is a skin condition that roots loss of skin color in patches; however, the discolored area gets expanded over time. Hyperpigmentation is the condition that causes the skin to get darken and mainly is the result of sun damage. Pigmegain lotion helps restore pigment cells for maintaining skin color. It is dermatologically tested for safe use on the skin.

Deca Peptide: Deca Peptide is an agent used for the repigmenting of skin cells. It works by initiating the relocation of skin cells from the part of the skin surrounding a pigmented/ vitiligo patch.


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