K2 Zole Soap

About this item

  • Composition: Ketoconazole and Allantoin
  • Additional benefits of essential oils and biotic extracts:- Vitamin E, Aloe-Vera ext, Chamomile ext, and Neem Oil
  • For treating fungal infections on the skin
  • Softens the skin and moisturizes evenly
  • Clinically Tested safe
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K-2 Zole Soap comprises Ketoconazole and Allantoin; additionally, it is infused with the benefits of essential oil & natural extracts of- Vitamin E, Aloe-Vera ext, Chamomile extract, and Neem Oil, which effectively treat fungal infections on the skin.  K-2 Zole Soap is specifically formulated for treating fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and other fungal infections on the skin. It helps the skin get relief from itchings caused by fungal attacks. The presence of natural ingredients moisturizes the skin and makes it soft & well-nourished.

Ketoconazole: Ketoconazole is used to effectively treat tinea corporis, tinea cruris, athlete’s foot, and other such fungal infections on the skin.

Allantoin: Allantoin acts as a skin protectant and helps skin relieve minor skin irritations.

Vitamin E: It prevents the skin from dryness and itchiness. It nourishes the skin and gives it an even skin texture.

Aloe-Vera: Aloe-Vera has been used evidently for treating many skin infections, wherein fungal infections are no exception. It helps relieves the skin from discomforts such as itchiness and inflammation.

Chamomile Extract: Chamomile extracts are obtained from chamomile flowers. Therefore, it is infused with several medicinal benefits of chamomile. It assuringly inhibits fungi’ growth on the skin, making it get soft and supple with a natural nourishing formula.

Neem Oil: It is an age-old belief of Neem having antifungal benefits. Eventually, Neem has been proven safe & natural in treating fungal infections on the skin naturally.


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