Benxop Face Wash

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  • Composition: Benzoyl Peroxide 4%, Aloe-Vera, Glycerin, and Emulium Delta
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria
  • Double action formula -: Antibacterial and desquamative
  • Treats Blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, nodules, etc
  • Moisturizes and cleanses the skin
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Benxop Face Wash comprises Benzoyl Peroxide 4% and additional natural moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe-Vera, Glycerin, and Emulium Delta. Benxop face wash comes with broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, which effectively reduces bacteria by 94% within 48 hours of application. This medicated formulation unclogs the skin pores by removing non-inflammatory acne, i.e., Blackheads, whiteheads, and treats inflammatory acne, i.e., pustules, cysts, and nodules. Worth mentioning, it works with a double-action formula that combats bacteria and desquamative (scaly & dry) skin. It works by initiating ample hydration in the skin, counteracts dryness, and smoothing it evenly.

The Benxop face wash is non-soapy and non-gritty. Benxop Facewash is dermatologically tested and recommended by top dermatologists.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide This medication helps treat mild and moderate acne, kills acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin, and causes the dead skin to dry and shed off.
  • Aloe-Vera- The presence of Aloe-Vera makes the skin cool down from inflammation and helps reduce acne-causing bacteria.
  • GlycerinBeing an organic ingredient, it prevents the formation of acne, blemishes, pimples and makes the skin get well moisturized.
  • Emulium DeltaInitiates a soft and velvety skin feels and provides extreme skin smoothness by healing it from skin conditions.


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