Softlyn Cream

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  • Composition: white soft paraffin13.2% and Liquid paraffin 10.2%
  • For all skin types
  • Excellent emollient and nourishment properties
  • Smoothens dry and scaly skin conditions
  • Paraben-free & dermatologically tested
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To stamp out dryness in the skin, Softlyn is the best moisturizing Cream for dry skin. Softlyn cream is formulated with white soft paraffin 13.2% & liquid paraffin 10.2% and possesses excellent emollient and nourishment properties. It can be used as a cure to treat dry and scaly skin conditions and prevent dryness in the skin, which further can cause Eczema in the long run. Dryness in the skin is characterized by loss of hydration in the epidermis (outermost layer forming the skin). Formulated with white soft paraffin & liquid paraffin: two evident agents in moisturizing the skin and keeping hydration intact. Softlyn cream binds water in the skin, helping the skin to restore lost moisture and make it supple and soft. It can be used as a cream for dry skin or a usual regular moisturizer.

White soft paraffin: White soft paraffin in Softlyn Cream helps the skin retain its lost hydration by moisturizing it aptly. It improves the skin’s health by diminishing dryness and preventing scales & cracks in the skin.

Liquid paraffin: Liquid paraffin is an effective natural emollient that nourishes the skin from dryness. Also, it prevents water loss from the outer layer of the skin, instead softens it.


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