Laczus – B

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  • Compositions: Calamine 15%, Zinc Oxide 5%, Bentonite 3%
  • Helps to deal with acne issues
  • Relieves skin from minor problems
  • Treats Sun Burn and Sun rash
  • Dermatologically Tested
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Laczus B lotion consists of Calamine 15%, Zinc Oxide 5%, Bentonite 3%. It helps in dealing with acne issues and rash/burn problems on the skin. It helps in relieving skin from minor conditions such as rashes, burns, etc. It calms the skin from itching and redness caused by rashes. Particularly in the case of acne treatment, it helps in destroying acne-producing bacteria in the skin; Laczus B lotion is secure and is dermatologically tested.

Calamine: Calamine is a medication that benefits in drying out sebum in the skin. In the same lane, its drying activity helps control pimples and other acne disorders. It helps calming itchiness and redness that occurs on the skin due to rashes, sunburn effects, and other such problems.

Zinc Oxide: Being a mineral, it serves as an effective treatment for soothing skin from discomforts from minor irritations. Zinc Oxide actively performs as a skin barrier for soothing inflammation and reducing oiliness in the skin.

Bentonite: Bentonite works like clay and absorbs oiliness/sebum from the skin, thus preventing and controlling acne breakouts in the skin. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe skin from itchiness and burns.


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